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- 308 PAGES - $28 priority mail

MORE HAN THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE by Z.P. Florian. Han grows to 70 feet.

That's a lot of Corellian to handle and he isn't coping very well. Luke

is trying to help while others hope Han can remain a giant forever. Even

Chewie thinks Han's perfect that way.

WINNER TAKES ALL by Nancy Stasulis. Lando gambles and loses, but wins.

Never mind; he doesn't understand it either.

TUNNEL VISION by Judy Ebberley. Against his better judgment Han Solo

finds himself involved in rescuing a droid from an Imperial mining planet

and finds rather more than he anticipated in the dark of the tunnels.

TOO HOT FOR TV by Mary Jo Fox. An unsuspecting fan discovers some 'lost

footage' when watching her copy of 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

NIGHTMARE ON NAMORIA by Marti Schuller. Leia hasn't returned from her

mission to the city of Vansyl on the planet Namoria, so a worried Han and

Luke have gone in search of her. What they encounter surpasses their

wildest imaginings.

THE WAGER by Cindy Olsen. It was only a wager - a child's game between

lovers. Yet Han and Leia stood to lose more than either of them had

bargained for.

LESSONS by Deborah Kittle and J.P. Treleaven. Luke gets a new - and

terrifying - student. Can Luke teach him to be a Jedi?

Other material by Steyn, Avenchesca, Birkel, Vancollie, Farmer, and

Cohen. Artwork by Stasulis, Florian, Scholes, Lepine, and others. Filks

by Kittle, Moore, Steyn, and Fox. Color cover by Sandra Scholes. Plus a

very special foldout you won't want to miss - guaranteed to become a

collector's item. A map of 'Alderland - a Galactic Amusement Park'.

It's a gas!