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- FanQ and STAR aWARdS Best Fanzine -

256 pages - $23 priority mail

A WOOKIEE'S WRATH by Deborah Kittle. (STAR aWARdS Best Short Story)

Chewie is playing cards with an Alliance member and HAn is telling Luke a

very interesting story. Why did the Alliance member pale?

JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS by A.G. Steyn. Luke and Biggs decide to hunt

sandgliders with some very disastrous results.

INSIDER INFORMATION by Judy Ebberley. Major Val Dorn has discovered a

dangerous list. Han, Leia and Chewie go to help her retrieve or destroy

the list.

DEAD IN SPACE by Marti Schuller. (STAR aWARdS Short Story - Honorable

Mention) The Falcon is deal in space and Han gets some help from a very

unusual source.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LORD VADER by Mary Jo Fox. It's Vader's birthday

and Admiral Piett must organize a party and buy a gift. What do you buy

a Sith Lord?

KEEPING UP APPEARANCES by Alison Glover. A contact of Han's is lead to

believe that there is a rather strange relationship between Han and Luke.

BLINK OF AN EYE by Cara J. Loup. Why did Han suddenly decide to help

Luke over the Death Star?

CONNECTIONS by Marie Flanigan. Luke and Leia develop an interesting

relationship through the Force.

VADER'S FOLLY by J. A. Berger. There seems to be a strong Force presence

on a remote planet. Vader tries to track it down.

DIE SOLO by Carolyn Golledge. Han wants to surprise Leia by imitating

the men of the planet. Things then go from bad to worse.

Other stories by Keeney, O'Brien, Mink, Florian, Brown, and Haven.

Artwork by Florian, Lybarger, Markalova, Stasulis, Lundin, and Steyn.

Cartoons by Florian and Steyn. A Comic strip by Wilson.
You won't want

to miss the three special sections - THE GVC GUIDE (a hilarious spoof of

QVC), Through The Looking Glass (where writers spoof their own writing

style) and two stories where the artwork came BEFORE the stories.

An absolute stunning cover by Gerald Crotty (STAR aWARdS Best Cover) and

a gorgeous back cover by Marla Fair.