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FanZ and STAR aWARdS Best Fanzine - 300+pages - $28 priority mail

UP THE WAZOO by Martie Benedict O'Brien. (STAR aWARdS Medium story -

honorable mention) Han and Chewie are transporting an exiled king back

to his land. The king then wants Han to take over an 'onerous' duty.

TIES THAT BIND by Judy Ebberley. Luke seems to have disappeared so Han,

Chewie and Major Val-Dorn go looking for him.

GARDEN OF SADNESS by Belea T. Keeney. Vader is at a rehab center and

meets a very interesting groundskeeper.

BREAKFAST WITH THE TWINS by M. J. Mink. (STAR aWARdS Vignette story -

honorable mention) Han takes his children out for breakfast with some

very disastrous results. If you have kids, you can just imagine.

THE PROMISE by J. A. Berger. (STAR aWARdS Long story - honorable

mention) A Blue Falcon story. Han is asked to make good on a promise

made over fifteen years before.

A SPACEMAN CAME TRAVELING by A. G. Steyn. Move the Rebel base to Perel

sounded simple, right? Wrong! Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie have some

'difficulties' with the Falcon.

TOGETHER AGAIN by Carolyn Golledge. Han and Luke celebrate their 20th

anniversary of meeting back on Tatooine and find that Mos Eisley has

changed in ways they never could have imagined.

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE by Deborah Kittle and Jennifer Moore. (STAR aWARdS

Medium story - honorable mention) Han must get his spacer's license

renewed. If you've ever renewed your driver's license, you'll love


PROPOSALS by Marti Schuller. Leia has two contestants for her hand in

marriage. The contestants must run a series of tests to prove their


Additional stories by Florian, Loup, Palumbo, Pryor, and Fox. Artwork by

Lybarger, Zyene, Florian, Whitham, Stasulis, Lundin, and Rizzuti. A

comic strip by Wilson (STAR aWARdS Best Miscellaneous). A color cover by

Rhydderch Wilson and a back cover by Nadye Whitham. Also includes the

'Galactic Enquirer' - you won't want to miss this.